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Artwork by SillyTheWolf

- W E L C O M E -

Sammy | 17 | Boy | Gay | Single

So I'm a guy who draws pictures, like a lot of people on this website... Most of my drawings that I post are pictures of animals and fantasy creatures, but my favorite thing to draw is people!

I play a lot of video games, my favorites being Assassin's Creed IV, Portal and Portal 2, Half-Life 2 and all of the episodes, Skyrim, and League of Legends... and sometimes a bit of SMITE. I like games.

I post a lot of informal essay-journals about... stuff, usually things that bother me or just things that I've noticed. They are very snarky, sarcastic, and riddled with emoticons. I've also been told that they are very funny, but I guess that's for you to decide.

If you have any questions, need to talk, or anything else just comment on my page! If it's something more personal or a trade/commission inquiry, send a note!

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Art Status & To-Do List

Artwork by Virusaurus

- A R T - S T A T U S -

Before asking about a commission, trade, or collaboration, be sure to check my art status! I will usually take a commission if my list is relatively empty, regardless of my art status, but trades are far less likely to be accepted if my art status says I'm closed. Please don't feel bad if I don't want to do a trade, it's usually because I'm too busy!

:bulletyellow: Commissions: ON HOLD
:bulletred: Art Trades: CLOSED
:bulletred: Collaborations: CLOSED
:bulletblack: Requests: NEVER

- T O - DO - L I S T -


Private Client Rendering

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Trades & Collaborations & Et Cetera

Prize: ChimerasBlood Not Started

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Waiting For


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Who else gets super pumped when they get to commission an awesome artist? 

11 deviants said FRICK YEAH 8-)
4 deviants said Pfft, nah :shrug:


I'm hungry OnO
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I need a good desktop recording software that doesn't screw up colors like Hypercam, Camstudio, and the like and it needs to create AVI files!  Right now I'm leaning towards Dxtory or Fraps since I can use those for gaming as well, but if anybody knows good software, I'd appreciate a recommendation!
Selling one commission-on-demand for this Saturday for $20 USD!  Comment HERE if you're interested!
Eeeeeeeeeyo!  :la:  I'll be open for ONE, count 'em, ONE commission on demand this Saturday!  So basically, whoever wants it says "Ey!  I WANTS IT!" and you get your commission ON SATURDAY!  Complete, freshly wrapped in a delicious, crispy package nonotreallyit'sdigitalartsonopackagegosh.  BUT you will have your commission completed THIS Saturday and you may have it streamed, if you so choose!  HOWEVAH, depending on your schedule, streaming maaaay or may not be possible!



A Portrait of Your Character

Painting Practice by Sammy-Harlan
(With new and Improved SMALLER SIGNATURE OH MY GOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!)  But for serious, a painted portrait of your (human only!) character with lovely skin texture and much better facial anatomy than in the example *cringes*

A Colored Pencil Headshot w/ Decorations

Guardian Spirit of Growth by Sammy-Harlan
Comes with $100 USD's worth of beef jerky!*  A really lovely colored pencil bust of any (animal or human, preferably human though) character!  *Does not actually come with beef jerky

2 Animated Character Stamps

Kaleb Stamp by Sammy-Harlan
I have no goofy comment to write in bold text this time XD  A cute, simply animated stamp of your character, (simple designs ONLY)

2 Cheebles

Kae Cheeble by Sammy-HarlanSammy Cheeble by Sammy-Harlan

So sweet you might turn into $100 USD's worth of beef jerky.  Two adorable flat-colored chibis of your character/characters (human preferred)!

2 Bouncy Sprites

Toast Sprite by Sammy-Harlan

Preciously pixellated for your page-decorating needs!  Two sprites of your character/characters (simple designs/high-contrast markings preferred) including optional bouncing name!


Bullet; Blue First come, first serve!  Comment here to claim the slot!
Bullet; Blue Once I have confirmed you have the slot, send me a NOTE!
Bullet; Blue You must be diligent about checking your notes!  We must have everything worked out BEFORE this Saturday!
Bullet; Blue Payment must be sent via PayPal BEFORE this Saturday!
Bullet; Blue I will be completing this commission on Saturday between 2 and 6 PM EST!
You know that horrible moment when Photoshop crashes and you haven't saved at all?  Yeah... QnQ

Just a Message~

Copyright Statement 1 by Sophibelle

- I M P O R T A N T -

If you see somebody using my artwork without crediting me, please by all means contact me! However, I implore you to not say anything to the person posting my work. I cannot tell you how many times I've seen a sweet, well-meaning person accidentally forget to credit or not be familiar with the "copyright" rules. The last thing any of us wants is to scare away anyone! :heart:

Please allow me to take care of any situations involving the use of my art. While I appreciate the gesture, I do not want anybody speaking for me! If you want to help me out, send me a note about it and I will contact the person and deal with them as needed.

Artwork by Me

Stock from LilyStox


- E L B I S S O P M I -

Elbissopmi is the book that I am in the process of writing following the 3-year story of Sammy and Kaleb. It is a story that revolves around their personal development, their understanding of the world around them, and the meaning of acceptance, optimism, and humanity.

It is going slow, but at the moment is approximately 400 pages long and is in the final polishing stage. I don't have an estimated time of completion, but I figure it will be done when it ought to be.

Kaleb Stamp by Sammy-Harlan

Elbissopmi Artwork

Artwork by Me

Dat Sidhe by Sammy-HarlanGuardian Angels by Sammy-HarlanKae Cheeble by Sammy-HarlanSammy Cheeble by Sammy-Harlan

Body text here..

Artwork by Others

AT: .: Frosted Soul :. by SillyTheWolf.:+Arctic sunrise+:. by Sprinkle-Butt[COM]The Tundra. by Charlotte-DGBjorn Commission by Doctor-AxelIt's not fat, it's fluff [AT] by Z-A-D-Y.: Mini Chibi Commission Batch :. by SillyTheWolf.: Gift :. Sammy by b24beanzCP: Before the Storm by xMissLightSidhe - Prize by Tsukikoko

Body text here..

Stock from LilyStox

FAQ and Other Stuff~

Artwork by Me

- F A Q -

What drawing programs do you use?
I use Paint Tool SAI and Photoshop CS2 for my digital art! I use SAI for sketching, lines, flatcoloring, and shading, and I use Photoshop for backgrounds, special effects, and other finishing touches.

What do you use for traditional art?
I use literally any watercolor I can find, Bristol watercolor paper, Micron technical pens, India Ink and a nib pen, Prismacolor Colored Pencils, cheap gel pens, and Basics acrylic paint.

What do you use to make jewelry?
My jewelry is made with anodized aluminum jump rings from, leather lace, floral wire, metallic paint, and Super Sculpey!

What do you use for sculpting?
My sculptures are built on a 18 ga steel armatures, bulked out with aluminum foil, masking tape, and whatever else I can find, and are made with Super Sculpey and Sculpey Firm. They're painted with Basics Acrylic and sprayed with matte glaze. Shiny parts are given a coat of glossy Sculpey Glaze.

When did you start drawing?
I started drawing seriously about when I joined deviantART, so I'd say it was when I was 13 years old.

Any tips on learning to draw or ways to get better?
Ignore the idea that using references is bad. References and drawing from life are the key to improving your art, from a technical standpoint. Artistically and visually? Study the masters, both modern and ancient. You'd be amazed by the amount you can learn by just taking a long look at a Picasso or a Da Vinci!

Will you watch me back?
I'm afraid not, only because I don't have the time to be an active watcher to everyone I watch back, and that just wouldn't be fair. I give all of my new watchers llama badges, if I can. I used to leave thank-you notes as well, but it seems a lot of people don't like those. So llamas it is!

Can we be friends?
Absolutely! Just know that I am not the kind of person to put up with directionless complaining, so if that's all you do with me, then you obviously weren't looking for a friend, but a pity-party. That being said, I'm totally open to a genuine, give-and-take friendship. Apologies for the cynical attitude, but I've dealt with far too many people looking for nothing but butthugs and free artwork and I am done with it.

Do you have a Fursona or something like that?
Nope, sorry! I've tried multiple times to make one, but it's just not something I like or feel comfortable with. If for some reason you want to draw me, there's probably a picture or two of me floating around somewhere.

Anything else?
If you have any other questions, comment on my page and ask if it can be added to my FAQ!

Body text here..

Badonkadonk and Dingledong

:iconsillythewolf: :heart: :iconsammy-harlan:

I have never loved a lady like I love Schmemma. In fact, I never have loved a lady. But the day I laid my eyes on Badonkadonk, I realized that only a Dingledong would be right for her and that Dingledong... was me. One fateful day I heard the shrill cry of Badonkadonks von Bonkahonks, ruthlessly kidnapped by a cruel black dragon. I rode up on my valiant steed, White Toast, and slew the dragon with all of my dinglish power! Since that day, Badonkadonk and I are bound by a contract of life, love, and dingles.

Badonkadonk has stolen away my heart in so many ways. She has the most amazing taste in headwear, and her hair smells of candy canes and fresh apples. When she smiles my heart soars, and when she cries, I come to her side to dry her tears, for I am a fine gentleman whose butt smells like daisies.

Together we fika, at least thrice every day, enjoying the taste of a cup of Johan together. And every evening we ride into the sunset, defying all laws of physics and common sense, wearing our matching t-shirts in glory of Swedish coffee and badonkadonks.

You forever hold my heart, Badonkadonk, more than you will ever want to know. :heart:
I Love My Girlfriend Stamp by Timesplitter92 Support my Girlfriend Stamp by Endien

Body text here..

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